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How Snapchat Plans to Compete With Facebook for Advertisers' Dollars

Snapchat has discussed plans to roll out interest-based Discover ads, hire sales and measurement heads, add viewability verification and alter its Stories feed.

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Missing Something From Its Formula?

January 05, 2016
It has been said time and time again that the most effective content marketing combines both art and science. This is particularly true in present times where the rise of digital promotion tactics (and the increasingly eerie humanization of Google bots) have created challenges that leave most businesses at a standstill when it comes to developing ideal marketing solutions that appeal to bot...

How to Track the ROI of Your Video Marketing : Social Media Examiner

Are you struggling to measure the ROI of your marketing videos? Discover how to track and measure the ROI for your video marketing efforts.

Tracking the return on investment in any marketing campaign is curtial to determining its success.

To set the stage Social Media Examiner suggests:

  1. Outline Costs
  2. Determine Financial Tipping Point
  3. Sales Tracking
  4. Looking for Ways to Improve

Once content, like a video, is created the job of spreading it across the Internet begins. Press releases are a wonderful way to promote a video. Submit Press Release 123 is a news distribution service that comes fully equipt to handel multi-media press by embedding a video file directly into the article. This will help with gaining video views, social media shares and by speading awareness of one's video campaign to major media outlets.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Business Just Be Yourself

Here's how I boldly put my unique business idea out there on the most professional of social networks and saw six figures in four months.

LinkedIn is definitely the number one social networking site for professionals. Utilizing the full potentials of its social media tools can definitely boost your productivity when it comes to building your reputation and relationships within your network. The Relationship tab is one powerful feature every serious entrepreneur should utilize to effectively connect with their contacts inside the network. Read my post here

Give Small Business a Boost with Pinterest

To achieve success using Pinterest, small businesses should seek to provide visually pleasing pinboards #pinterest

Joining Pinterest offers businesses a greater degree of visibility among an audience that numbers in the millions. 

SEO Forecast 2016 By Dallas SEO Expert Qamar Zaman

10 Game Changing SEO Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know in 2016 A year ago, experts revealed that 57% of marketers believe that SEO has the biggest

For effective online marketing, press release distribution still works, Check out my blog here

How To Prep For The Pending Penguin Update & Ensure You're Penalty Free In 2016

The next Penguin update is coming soon, according to a Google spokesperson. Columnist Erin Everhart outlines what you can do to prepare.

As now we are in December, 2015 we need to start thinking on these. Erin has ideas and tools you can use. Check out my article I wrote on the topic of SEO forecast 2016 which is now availble on my blog.

The Fastest Way to (Avoid) Bury(ing) Your Brand Online

December 08, 2015
However one chooses to interpret the title, the intended message is the same. There are key steps in marketing that businesses today must take to make sure their brand develops the right following, which if avoided can have the opposite effect and drive said followers away. According to Qamar Zaman, digital marketing expert and CEO of online press release distribution service, Submit 123 PR, ...

How to Use Hosted Blog Platforms for SEO & Content Distribution

Where do you host your content? Is it on your own site, or on third-party platforms like Medium and LinkedIn? Rand goes over the boons and pitfalls of using hosted blog platforms in this week's Whiteboard Friday.

Would you consider yourself a modern marketer? If you have not yet started sharing content on hosted platforms like Medium, Svbtle, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+ you may be missing the mark. Today, these high domain authority pages are an ideal way to amplify content and reach new audiances - all while enhancing your website's SEO.

Quality Link Building – Good or Bad Links How Can You Tell?

What are Links and How would You know you have a Good Link or a Bad One Link building expert from Dallas Qamar Zaman explains – Good/Bad and Ugly Link Building SEO stands on the spinal cord of the links. All of my friends, the small business owners who indulge in... #googlenews #linkbacks #moz

It is about your online reputation and the authority that you can build for your website and web presence. Links have always been important, but with the current Google penalty scenario, we must be careful in earning links or be ready to face the wrath from the leading search engine.