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How to Write a Direct and Attention Grabbing Press Release

May 09, 2014
Submit Press Release 123 Offers Tips on how to write and syndicate attention grabbing press release Of course, you already know that in writing press releases, the copy should be direct to the point and free from any flowery words. But, as much as I believe that everyone is aware of this, the massive press release copies dumped in free and cheap PR websites I found online are solid evidence t...

Don’t buy a Domain already Penalized by Google Says Matt Cutts

April 24, 2014
Penalty stricken domain names could be the main source of problem for your web marketing. This is what is exactly been pointed out by Matt Cutts. If Google has penalized a domain name, just because spammers wanted to have their fun time, and you end up buying one, how are you supposed to know, if the domain had already attracted penalty by Google. Well, the spam team head points out how you can...