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Conversion Rate Optimization – 20 Factors Impacting Your Sales and ROI [Podcast]

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can help businesses increase leads, sales, return on investment and more. In this podcast, Pam Moore explains how to maximize your CRO.

"Capturing the interest of your target audience and gaining advantage from your competitors in organic search need a dynamic internet marketing strategy.  This can be done if you incorporate SEO into your Content Marketing." Says Qamar Zaman of

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Conversion rate optimization is a great new trend in the SEO industry.  To learn more about this topic got my blog. 

Is Your Business Trying to Market on Too Many Social Media Platforms?

February 21, 2016
Marketing content on multiple social media platforms is common for many businesses today, and most experts would say doing so is a great move. However, a number of businesses waste opportunities attempting to use every platform they can get access to without knowing whether use of them will effectively generate leads. Submit 123 PR CEO Qamar Zaman, who is a digital marketing expert, says that b...

Three Ways Many Content Marketers Missed Key Opportunities During the Super Bowl

February 10, 2016
The Super Bowl is notorious for not only stimulating high emotions from die hard football fans, but also motivating advertisers everywhere to get their creative juices flowing. Many people have become just as enthusiastic about the new commercials that will air as they are about the game itself. A survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics revealed that 17.7 percent of adult responde...

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Learn what a hashtag is, why it works, and how it works on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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How to Win on Facebook: 8 Lessons Learned From Analyzing 1 Billion Posts

If you want to know what works when it comes to marketing, you need to study the competition. This includes the tough competition, but the weak competiti

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How Clever Content Marketers Get Experts to Contribute to Their Blog

February 02, 2016
The business of blogging for marketing today isn’t as easy as it looks. With so many bloggers out there writing about the same thing, it can be challenging for bloggers to frequently craft posts that get the attention of readers. For content marketers, the stakes can be high when a new blog fails to gain any steam. This often means missed opportunities that significantly hinder the revenue p...

How Snapchat Plans to Compete With Facebook for Advertisers' Dollars

Snapchat has discussed plans to roll out interest-based Discover ads, hire sales and measurement heads, add viewability verification and alter its Stories feed.

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Missing Something From Its Formula?

January 05, 2016
It has been said time and time again that the most effective content marketing combines both art and science. This is particularly true in present times where the rise of digital promotion tactics (and the increasingly eerie humanization of Google bots) have created challenges that leave most businesses at a standstill when it comes to developing ideal marketing solutions that appeal to both...

How to Track the ROI of Your Video Marketing : Social Media Examiner

Are you struggling to measure the ROI of your marketing videos? Discover how to track and measure the ROI for your video marketing efforts.

Tracking the return on investment in any marketing campaign is curtial to determining its success.

To set the stage Social Media Examiner suggests:

  1. Outline Costs
  2. Determine Financial Tipping Point
  3. Sales Tracking
  4. Looking for Ways to Improve

Once content, like a video, is created the job of spreading it across the Internet begins. Press releases are a wonderful way to promote a video. Submit Press Release 123 is a news distribution service that comes fully equipt to handel multi-media press by embedding a video file directly into the article. This will help with gaining video views, social media shares and by speading awareness of one's video campaign to major media outlets.